Bobby fell into my care a little over a year ago now. I have always had a soft spot for dogs, ever since a young age, so when a friend said to me “hey do you want a dog”, I recall my actual first response being “yep”.

He came from a great home and was raised well, but circumstances changed and I was lucky enough to take him in. I remember the day I took him home, having him sit there and just stare at me with uncertainty, almost as to say “well, now what”, and to be perfectly honest, I was thinking the same thing. It took a little while for him to warm to me but after all I was a total stranger, and he wasn’t where he knew home to be. In the coming months I worked to make him as comfortable as possible with me, but I would also come to challenge him. Take him camping with me, take him hiking with me, give him freedom, but remain disciplined, and he hasn’t once let me down.

Ever since I have taken over care of Bobby, he has been my biggest inspiration, he forces me to be a better version of myself, and he asks for nothing in return. I do all that I can to give him the most adventurous life possible, because he is all I could ever wish for in a good companion. It is near on impossible to imagine my life without him, which is a cliché thing to say I know, but I guess it is for a reason. We are still strangers to each other in some ways, but for now all I know is that there isn’t a single thing I wouldn’t do for him, and not a single adventure I want to go on without him.

A dogs purpose varies depending on the owner, and all too often the dog is shunned, and hideously overlooked. I guess that is why I am so careful when it comes to Bobby, this is my chance, my chance to make sure he never knows the feeling of being overlooked. To make sure he always knows kindness and compassion, whether he is leaping into my arms after a long day at work, or barrelling off into the distance chasing his nose through the forest, I never want him to forget it. I have seen it in some people eyes, that they don’t understand, and they’re not to blame. Until you have experienced the level of joy and loyalty a dog can bring you, it’s not something that can always be put into words.

We have had a taste of winter over the past few days and I couldn’t be happier. Pine trees doused in thick fog, muddy boots and one heck of a muddy retriever. Below are a few images of what we got up to.