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Goodbye my friend, all my love.⁣

By Stephen Norman

To my dearest friend and most cherished companion,⁣

This message to you is one that I have dreaded composing since the day we met but one I have always been prepared to write when the time came. ⁣

Thank you, for your years of endearing friendship. Thank you for your years of loyality. Thank you for your years of love & kindness. Thank you for your years of comfort & endless happiness. From our very first adventure to our last, there will never be another quite like you. I can only hope that the adventurous life that I and those close to you did our absolute best to provide was enough. I always felt as if my words forever fell short of justifying my gratitude for you. It was only after you came into my life that I discovered a more acute understanding of how cruelly fast time truly passes, as a result I believe that together we did more in 5 years than most do in 10. I can proudly say that I cherished every second of your existence and when I adopted you all those years ago, I was almost comically unaware of the fortuitous turn my life had just taken. ⁣

Routinely, like any times of parting between us in the past, I would now usually give you a big kiss and say what I always said, “never far”. But I have to be honest in saying that this time is to be a little different. My heart is shattered and I miss you more than you will ever know, but just as I promised you last week I will try my very best to be brave and show resilience in your absence, just as you always did in mine. My love for you is unfathomable, you have my word that no matter where I end up in the world, our memories will stay with me until the end of my days. ⁣

Goodbye my friend, all my love.⁣

Bobby | 10/11/11 - 5/11/21